I’m probably the worst traveler ever.

I have no sense of direction. I get lost in the most ridiculous places, including a town square, toilets of the cinema multiplex (real story) or a perfectly narrow road. I have motion sickness. I’m sick in the bus, on the plane and on the board of almost every other means of transport in existence. (As a kid I was reportedly sick even in a baby carriage.) I’m an introvert, and usually very nervous about talking to people, even if love people (and talking) in general. I have a lot of health problems. And I have been battling depression and anxiety on and off for my whole life. (Especially that last bit doesn’t make travelling any easier.)

But I always was curious. Endlessly, incessantly curious. I’d go on a walk “for five minutes” – and I would return several hours later. Just because I was curious what kind of place, what scenery, lies beyond the next turn of the road, what will surprise me behind the next corner. And I think it’s that curiosity that propels me in my travels too. Because I want to know what lies behind all the corners in the world.

So if you are curious too, come along with me on the journey to discover what is waiting  just behind the next corner. 

If you want to know more about me: I’m 32 years old woman from  Prague, Czech Republic – a small middle Europe country with a funny language, otherwise known mostly for beer (so please have patience with my far-from-perfect English).

I love books – mostly sci-fi, but really just everything with letters inside. I can’t live without a walk in nature everyday. I love sunshine and sea, even though sadly our country doesn’t have the latter – but rivers, lakes and waterfalls are also great. Dogs of any kind are another of my loves, along with pretty much any other animals.

I usually travel with my amazing boyfriend Ben, or lately sometimes alone, which is another kind of adventure 🙂

As I’m just beginning to write this blog, I have picked a few things I think you might find interesting for the first posts. But if you return, you can look forward to much more: The colorful islands of Venetian lagoon, the proud ancient beauty of Carcassone, the beautiful Tenerife – island of the eternal spring, Marseille with its old harbor and amazing atmosphere, Chateau d’If where the famous literary hero Count of Monte Christo was imprisoned, the red streets of Toulouse, an Italian medieval city sitting on the top of the hill – Bergamo, and more interesting things about Paris and Venice. I hope you will enjoy the ride 🙂