About us

And who heads for Behind the Next Corner?

In the imagie is me - a white woman with long brownish hair and blue glasses. Im sitting at a table, holding a coffee cup and smiling in the camera. I have a black hat on my head.

My name is Hela. I like climbing up trees. Fooling with friends. Walking barefoot in the grass. Walks in the woods. Sound of the sea. The scent of spring. Writing letters, by hand. Reading. Lots and lots of reading. Anything I get my hands on but most of all sci-fi. Writing and the joyous creative trance that accompanies it. Dogs and really everything furry. (Or what has feathers. Or scales.) I am solar-powered. I function the best when it is sunny.

What I like most about traveling: butterflies in my stomach before leaving. First steps in the unknown place, where I can randomly pick a direction and be surprised by what is hiding around the corner. Soaking the atmosphere of tiny differences. Views. Night city lights. Parks and greenery. Being around water. Sun in my face at the time when we don’t have any at home. Small joys…

My partner on the journey through the world and in life is Ben. Ben likes books. Many books. One day we will live in a house built wholly from books. He also likes nice food. Stargazing. Information. Logical thinking. Interesting discussions.

What he likes most about traveling: learning the history of the places we visit. Tasting local specialties.  And buying books even if he doesn’t understand the language.

Apart from Ben, I travel with a few other fellow travelers – or more like free riders. There is no fun with them and they work hard to spoil all my experiences. And they talk into everything whether I like it or not.

Their names are Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks…

They accompany me everywhere. Ever since childhood. And because they are always with me, they might sometimes flash in my storytelling. But these stories don’t belong to them.