Water Garden and searching for Black Swans

In Puerto de la Cruz there are many places to explore. The place that impressed me the most I ran into by complete chance. On that day I had gone to visit the Taoro Park but, as it usually happens, I was tempted by a pleasant-looking path lined with flowering bushes. And so I decided to find out where it would lead me…

When I got to the end, I felt as if I had found myself in a world of elves and fairies. On the green lawn among palm trees, flowering bushes, and fruit trees with a fantastic view of the sea there were scattered chairs and tables. The place was deserted, only at one table there was a man quietly reading and a black swan strolled around the pond. I picked a scenic place near the water and sat down as well. After a little bit, the man got up, approached me without hurry and asked me what I would like. From that, I understood I was not in somebody’s garden but in a café. I ordered tea.

A bit later an elderly British couple arrived. They sat at one of the tables and ordered a cake. The swan, sensing food, set out towards them. It sat immediately opposite them, stretched its neck, and stared. It was a scene like from Alice in the Wonderland – around a table with tea there are sitting with stone faces an older gentleman, a lady … and a swan. They watched each other for a long while, none of them moving a muscle. I had to fight myself not to laugh loudly. After an eternity of mutual staring the lady, still with a completely deadpan expression, stretched an arm with a mobile phone and took a picture of the swan.

I also met there a seeker after black swans. I don’t know what her name was or where she was from, but she told me she was there for the umpteenth time; she knew they had a rare black swan there but she had never seen it. That day she met it for the first time and so was delighted. She said that after all her visits everybody viewed her as an old friend.

If you would like to know where to find this magical café or black swans while visiting Tenerife, try to lose your way to the Water Garden of Risco Bello.

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