A view f a rocky plage from above

The Wild Weightlessness of Waves

Our first day in Tenerife was the most awesome of the whole first week in this amazing place.

We set off to Playa des Roques, a tiny stony beach, close to us. When we got there we found we had a minor problem. On the descent to the beach we ran into a notice board “Entry prohibited”. Despite that, we saw several couples bathing in the sea and so we decided to try our luck.

When we got down the locals were just leaving so we had the beach for ourselves. Rocks behind us, the stormy sea in front of us…The beach had a ‘pebble’ part if you can call something as big as your head a pebble. Fortunately, behind them was a strip of sand, black volcanic as everywhere around here.

We changed into our swimsuits and dived into the waves. The waves plunged forward to meet us. We let them swallow and carry us. Just this wild beauty of nature and us.

I ran against the waves and I screamed at the top of my lungs. And then I jumped into them with all my power. I let them drag and roll me around. With all my body I was wild and free. Many times I took a drink but when a wave threw me on the beach I was laughing like a young child. I was missing this. Being able to fool around and give it everything. How rarely can we adults afford to lean without any restriction into some joyful activities? In those wild moments filled with water, salt, and the scent of the sea I was truly happy.

Lot of really big rond rocks, with a foot in sandals stepping on one of them for size comparision.

When we were properly salted, both from the inside and the outside, it was time to leave. Just at the right time. Groups of young men were congregating on the beach with something which looked more like a float we used at the swimming courses rather than a surfboard but it was evidently used to ride waves. We watched them for a bit. They were more underwater than not.

We could see that the Spanish really take bans as only a recommendation. So today we became truly Spanish, and it was great. I might have fallen asleep during supper with my head on my plate but that seems to be a nearly standard conclusion of a day for me here.

New place, new experiences. Today was worth it.

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